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Posts tagged as “Noisia”

Noisia Radio Show S04E08

Noisia Radio this week: Their genre-bending DJ set from Let It Roll Winter Edition 2018.

Noisia Radio S03E02

DNBN is back again with Noisia Radio this week, featuring brand new music from their Invisible imprint by Redpill.

Noisia Radio S02E44

noisia_radio_s02e44Your weekly dose of beats and bass, selected by Noisia for Noisia Radio.

Noisia Radio S02E42

noisia_radio-s02e42This week in Noisia Radio; a lot of exclusive tracks, some throwbacks and your weekly dose of beats and bass.
Watch the new official music video for Mantra here:

Noisia Radio S02E41

noisia_radio-s02e41This week in Noisia Radio; new music from their  own imprints, lots of exclusives and your weekly dose of beats and bass.

Noisia Radio S02E37

noisia_radio_s02e37Noisia Radio with new music by Misanthrop, new bits from our Outer Edges album, your weekly dose of beats and bass, and your tweets answered in Question Time.

Noisia Radio S02E36

noisia_radio_s02e36Noisia Radio with new music by Former for their Division imprint and your weekly dose of beats and bass.

Noisia Radio S02E35

noisia_radio_s02e35Noisias weekly dose of beats and bass with brand new music by Nickbee and Shades.

Noisia – Outer Edges

Noisia OE main cover 3000x3000 WEBFriday 5th August 2016 – Dutch electronic music trio, Noisia, have this week been forced to rush release their long awaited new album, ‘Outer Edges’, after it leaked and appeared online last Friday night. The band were made aware ten minutes before they unveiled their debut ‘Outer Edges’ audio visual show at the Czech Republic’s Let It Roll festival.

Noisia Radio S02E30

noisia_radio_s02e30This week in Noisia Radio they have Phace within their midst answering questions and selecting music, a brand new track from The Upbeats and their weekly selection of new beats and dnb.

Noisia Radio S02E29

noisia_radio_s02e29This week: a brand new Noisia track at 140 bats per minute: Voodoo. And more bats of course, exclusive new bats, a throwback from Hybris, and fresh bats from soundcloud.

Noisia Radio S02E28

noisia_radio_s02e28Exclusive new music from Segment & Concept Vision, a brand new Fre4knc tune out today on invisible, a very exciting new Alix Perez tune, and the usual ingredients: dnb, beats, and your questions answered.