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VA – Eurofunk Volume One EP

EuroFunk_Volume_One_2400pxEUROFUNK is here! NEODIGITAL commence a new series of heavy hitting EP’s starting with Volume One. It’s objective – focusing on bridging and bringing in international neurofunk artists to form one colossal EP designed to do one thing, create an audio assault built for the dance floor and to show that in music there are no borders, no matter where you come from! The first EP plays host to acts old and new to the genre featuring Stoner, Hybris, Signs, Current Value and also appearances by both label heads Phace and Misanthrop.

Misanthrop – Collapse EP

misanthrop-collapse_epMisanthrop isn’t just about the music; twelve years the producer has spent on the audio and video components of his artistic vision. Taking inspiration from the world’s murkiest corners (which translates through a conundrum of rolling, methodical progression and unapologetic beat patterns) the Hamburg based producer has become infamous.

Combining every aspect of his wide ranging digital skills, his latest ‘Collapse EP’, due to be released on internationally renowned Ram Records, presents you with a multi-platform shock to the senses.

Misanthrop – I Need More EP

misanthrop_i_need_moreBlack Sun Empire is  happy that the 18th release on their label will be
from their german friend Misanthrop. They really like what
he has been doing lately and how he merges his ideas
with his music.

Phace & Misanthrop – Sex Sells / Nordwand

Time to get dirty, Phace & Misanthrop’s new single on Neosignal Recordings is out now!

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Listen to the release:

Release Date: 29.08.14
Beatport Exclusive & Vinyl: August 29th
All other platforms: September 12th
Label: Neosignal Recordings
Cat.# NSGNL011

We of course did not want to make a creative ‘stunt’ by censoring the obvious word on this clip cover, but simply got told by FB to do so to follow their legal terms

Also, with this release title we BY NO MEANS intent to show that we like or support this very common marketing approach named here. au contraire, we do find it absurd and want to put it into a critical light. just to get that right from the beginning. when you listen to the track you hopefully should get that ;]

Misanthrop – Greed of Gain EP – NSGNLEP004

misanthrop_guid_of_gain__neosignalRelease Date:
November 25th – Neosignal Store & Beatport exclusive
December 9th – All other digital platforms + Limited 500 Vinyl copies !

When does profit turn into greed?
For misanthrop the answer to this question is rooted in the influence that money can have and it is also the essential inspiration for his long-overdue solo EP entitled GREED OF GAIN.

And we know you all have been waiting for this! This 4-track EP will be released on Misanthrop’s joint label Neosignal Recordings and is packed with a mixture of everything you could sonically ever ask for.
The production throughout the whole release is second to none and proves why Misanthrop is one of the most pioneering and distinct producers out there. As usual we leave it to the listeners to judge each track for themselves.