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John B – Lava / Lie To Me

john_b-metalheadz_lavaIt’s been a while since John B graced the skull with the headphones. Across his career he has released genre defining music. His tracks on Prototype are revered and we don’t even need to comment on his contributions to the Headz catalogue, but that’s all in the past- its 2016 and he has a new agenda to set. These tracks are exactly what you would want from John B on Metalheadz. One side has drama, one side has soul. It’s a welcome return for a missed team member.

Mikal – Wilderness LP

mikal-wildernessMikal is a producer who has made a name for himself by making stand out drum & bass tracks that have caught the attention of DJs and listeners alike, he has released on a multitude of labels but it is Metalheadz that are releasing his debut album.
The album is called ‘Wilderness’ and it was very much worth the wait. A no nonsense statement of intent from the Bristol based produced who has been quietly working away in his studio and is now ready to show the world his work, collaborations on the album come from Chimpo, Xtrah, Break, RIOT and Sophie Barker.
The sound of the album is streamlined with a focus on low end sonic frequencies. It takes the fundamentals of jungle but none of the clichés; the execution is firmly rooted in 2016.
Goldie has the last word:

Lenzman – Golden Age EP

lenzman-golden_age_epLenzman is back on Metalheadz with his first original work since his debut album Looking At The Stars. The EP is everything you would expect from Lenzman; soulful and well produced.

Source Direct – FACT Mix 519

source_direct Yes yes, some oldshool smashers by the one called jim source direct . The mix was created for fact mag. sorry but we have no tracklisting.

Grooverider – Metalheadz Platinum Breakz Tour

metalheadz_logo– Zap Club, Brighton – 16.09.1996

Im digging through our audio archive folders and a heap of old DAT recordings (ahead of our History session event at Phonox, Brixton, London on the 4/11/2015) we found this absolute classic mix from the great Grooverider. Recorded at the historic Zap club in Brighton. Enjoy.

You can catch the man himself performing a special ‘Prototype Years’ history set at Phonox on the 4/11/2015… Tickets are currently as of today close to selling out:

SCAR – Caged EP

scar_caged_epSCAR are back on Headz with their most accomplished EP to date.  The release kicks off with ‘Caged’, a subbed out roller with skipping drums and rave stabs and mid range accents. Confident and bashy, its sure to be a big tune.  Track two is ‘Free Fall’ w/ Artificial Intelligence where both production duos team up on a stepping track with screwface bass. The mood is lightened by the vocal refrain gliding over the top bringing another element to the track.  ‘Your Move’ follows, a soulful jungle track , it’s all about the light pads Vs the rough drums. ‘Fall From Grace’ takes the jungle aesthetic and pushes it further with clever edits and big basslines. ‘Return To Swerve’ says exactly what it does on the tin- takes it back to the days where the soulful mid weeker reigned supreme, a great end to a great EP.

Xtrah – FABRICLIVE x Metalheadz Platinum Mix

xtrah_fabricIf there was one thing we’d level at the drum & bass producer Xtrah, its that he fully comprehends the measure of precision and grit necessary to succeed in his chosen field. As this short mixtape, which was made ahead of his appearance in the Metalheadz Platinum hosted Room Three next week (Friday 27th February) shows, he’s really struck a balance between the intricacies of those tunes hell bent on oodles of ghost snares and subtlety and the pomp and drive of the more tear out ready, mid range rollers. Honestly he’s long been a guy whose tunes have sent computers in our Farringdon HQ into fits of frenzied Skype IMs, but there’s something so short and sweet and yet so measured and exciting about the types of tunes he’s included in this mix that makes us ache for the club doors to be open.

We wanted to share it with you this Friday lunchtime, in the hope that it’ll inspire the same sort of thing in you this weekend.

Advance tickets:

SCAR – 20 Years Of Headz Leeds Promo Mix

Ahead of their appearance at 20 Years Of Metalheadz Leeds, SCAR present an exclusive mix of cutting edge DNB to celebrate this milestone in the…

Artificial Intelligence- Forgotten Truths EP

Forgotten Truth (feat. Steo)
Trademark soul from AI feat long- time collaborator Steo, it’s a great update to the classic AI sound that pushed them to the top of the dnb tree.

Ulterior Motive – Tape Pack (Official Video)

[youtube][/youtube] ‘Tape Pack’ is taken from the long awaited forthcoming album ‘The Fourth Wall’. Kicking off with a relaxing key sequence, it builds itself into…