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Posts tagged as “Eatbrain”

NickBee – The Gears EP

nickbee-the_gears_epIt is said that in the deepest layers of the subterranea, biology has no place… the complex mechanisms of old evolved relentlessly in ever-spiraling complexity, drawing their energy from the eternal thermal vents of the Worldcore. Mechanical beings woven within a delicate web of survival, spun into life from the sprawling hierarchical mechanism of the planet itself. In the dimly lit depths of one such level, subtle core alignment shifts spark their reaction, vents rerouting the intense heat through systems long untouched, spreading its energy across ancient precipitation tanks.

Maztek – Grinder EP

coverRumours of the infernal mechanism were rife amongst the population, that somewhere deep in the sublevels of the city it waited with the eternal patience that belongs only to machines. It was said that those people whom the system had broken, whose minds had snapped – ejecting them from the social architecture… were first incarcerated, analyzed and then taken to it to be erased completely. He was about to find out the truth of this, dragged from his metallic cell by those machine claws, his arms bound tightly across his chest and vocal chords paralyzed.

MachineCode – Mechtropolis Album Sampler

machinecode-mechtropolis_lp_sampler4 billion years in the depths of time – the crust surface of Planet 9 stirs under relentless electrical activity. Abiogenesis erupts life into static complex carbon constructs – planetary scale synthesis of primary life setting the chain running towards the exponential intelligence gradient. Biological mutations set the fires of consciousness burning as the universe reflects upon itself, identifying its own deficiencies in self-perception and adapting.

L 33 – Karate LP

l33-karate_lpNight has fallen, the threat of extinction riding on the edge of its transition. Decaying and contorted faces of the undead leer from the shadows, twisted limbs reaching from the darkness towards the eternal signal – driven to crush its subversive broadcast and extinguish the final beacon.

EATBRAIN Podcast 022 by L 33

eatbrain22_l33The deadly L 33 delivers the next Eatbrain Podcast!

Neonlight & Wintermute- Influx
L 33 – Oscillation
Phace – Exit Plan
Neonlight & Wintermute – Posthuman
Teddy Killerz -Teddynator

State Of Mind & Chris.SU – Chariots / Full Force

eatbrain013Wasting no time, Eatbrain is back with another dancefloor annihilating EP. It comes from a name needing little introduction in today’s quickly rising movement of high energy neurofunk drum & bass; the badmen from New Zealand, State of Mind.
The duo’s high-octane style of drum & bass has catapulted them through the ranks over the last few years, forging alliances with some of the genre’s foremost innovators. Their latest effort, The Full Force EP, sees State of Mind link with the infamous Budapest sound; collaborating with the likes of Mindscape, Chris.SU, and Jade himself. It’s a fearsome meeting of the minds – after all, this is Eatbrain. Premier neurofunk.

State Of Mind leads off with the eponymous ‘Full Force’. From the first beat, ‘Full Force’ sees SOM balance the slick, robotic aesthetics of neurofunk DNB with the confident swagger of rock and metal; The duo makes it look easy. Live instrumentation subtly sets the stage from the outset, building eventually to a concoction of paper-crisp bass and weighty, swinging drums.

EATBRAIN Podcast 006 by JADE





01 Fourward – Aftermath (Audioporn)
02 7th Sense & Nue – Purple Space Ghost (Chris.SU remix)
04 Rene LaVice – Perfect World (RAM)