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Gary Brown Photo - Dub Phizix-18a

The creator of a new style of Drum and Bass music that fuzes influences from all corners of the globe, Manchester based Drum and
Bass producer Dub Phizix began his obsession with music over 20 years ago. At the time Dub Phizix, (or George to his mum) was
just someone who annoyed the neighbours. By 10 years into his career of music construction, Dub Phizix was an accomplished
producer having made music in a variety of styles for MTV, BBC, Nokia and 4Music.
Forward to today and Dub Phizix has released music on high profile and respected labels such as Exit, Soul:R, Critical, Samurai
Music, Commercial Suicide, Dispatch and Ingredients with Mixmag calling his music ‘Essential material’.
The Dub Phizix remix portfolio is also impressive with reworks for Atlantic Records (Charli XCX), Hospital Records (Netsky), Panjabi
MC, Skittles, Chimpo, Basement Jaxx, Kelis / Breach, Sizzla and more.
2011 saw the total domination of the Drum and Bass scene from a tune called ‘Marka’. Penned by Dub Phizix alongside regular
collaborator Skeptical with guest vocals from Strategy (of Broke ‘n’ £nglish), ‘Mar- ka’ adhered to no known recent stylistic formulas.
A rare vocal treat in Drum and Bass, ‘Marka’ marries dancehall like rhythms with Strategy’s unintelligible but potent rhymes. Having
reached 2 million views on Youtube, 2011 and 2012 will be remembered for the impact ‘Marka’ has had on not just drum and bass,
but electronic music in general.
What sets Dub Phizix apart from most other drum’n’bass acts, is that his music has great crossover appeal and is played nightly by
a wide range of high profile DJs such as David Rodigan, Skream, Toddla T, Shy FX, Mary Anne Hobbs, Zane Lowe, Andy C, Chase
& Status, Mista Jam, dBridge, Goldie, Marky, Fabio, Marcus Intalex, S.P.Y, Breakage, Spectrasoul and many more.
Dub Phizix has traversed the globe and taken his unique sound to all six continents including shows in India, Singapore, Hong Kong,
brazil, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand as well as being one of the most in demand DJ’s across the UK and
playing nearly every major city in Europe with appearances at major festivals including Dimensions, Outlook, Sun and Bass,
Boomtown and more. Strategy and Dub Phizix have made a name for themselves as a formidable duo at some of the worlds best
Dub Phizix’ DJ sets always display his depth of knowledge of what makes a great Drum and Bass tune, mixing up often neglected
classics with the freshest upfront material. Despite having his roots in Drum and Bass he has shown that he is also not afraid of
delving into other tempos and genres.
Since the success of Marka he has reinforced his position with more high profile singles on Exit, Soul:R and Metalheadz. In 2014 he
set up his own imprint, Senkasonic, so that he could provide a home for his own productions that would give him full creative
control and influence over every aspect of the release. The first Senka release, Buffalo featuring Strategy, turned heads with it’s
unique video concept and caused widespread damage in the dance.
He recently put the finishing touches to a remix for Basement Jaxx and November will see the release of his Fabric Live Mix CD.
He’s got a lot up his sleeve for 2016 as well as touring the world with his sets crammed full of brand new, exclusive solo
productions. The unmistakeable Dub Phizix sound dominates the Drum and Bass world while stretching it’s bouncing rhythms out
across the wider electronic music scene.

Real Name: George Ovens // Sites: SoundCloud

Fabriclive84: Dub Phizix – 12 Free Tunes

dubphizix-free_downloadDub Phizix: So as some of you know I mixed Fabriclive:84 in Novemeber last year.
I made 12 exclusive tunes for the mix with collabs with DRS, Skeptical, Xtrah, Strategy and Chimpo.

Although I only made them for the mix, a lot of people have been asking where they can get them from so I decided I would just stick them on bandcamp for people to download them.

Dub Phizix mixes FabricLive 84

dub phizix fabric live 84Dub Phizix drops an exclusive-packed 40 track mix of DnB, halftime, hip hop and myriad bass-packed breakbeats. 

His music has an irreverent edge, yet is deadly serious in its dancefloor approach, reflecting his character. The Manchester producer, born George Ovens, has released on labels such as Exit, Soul:R, Critical, Samurai Music, Commercial Suicide, Dispatch, Ingredients and his own SenkaSonic, whilst his remix portfolio is also impressive, with reworks for Charli XCX, Netsky, Panjabi MC, Skittles, Chimpo, Basement Jaxx, Kelis, Breach, Sizzla and more. Playing regularly at fabric since 2011, his “Well Good Do” with Strategy now hosts room 2.

Dub Phizix and Strategy – Buffalo Charge

[youtube][/youtube] Download here:… Directed and produced by Dub Phizix and Strategy

Chimpo – Frontline EP – Soul:R

[youtube][/youtube] More great new music from Soul:r’s home city of Manchester. Chimpo is a local legend. He’s been on the underground scene for years, dj’ing…

Dub Phizix – Hyponik Mix


Manchester’s Dub Phizix has without a doubt been one of the most remarkable artists in the DnB community over the past few years. 2011′s “Marka” was quite the curveball; a fresh twist of modern sound system music that found its way into the record bags of djs right across the board, destroying venues globally with sheer dread force.

In the time since he’s put out records on Kasra’s Critical Records and Samurai Music, but it was his 2013 return to Exit with ‘I’m A Creator’ that caught our attention once again. His hefty breed of futuristic junglism continues to push the 170bpm sound into new territory along with the half-step experiments of Om Unit, Danny Scrilla et al.

In the build up to his set at Rodigan’s Ram Jam on 17th May Dub Phizix lays down 45 mins of state-of-the-art bass and electronics exclusively for Hyponik.

Track list:
01. Capleton – Who Dem
02. Skeptical – Transfer
03. Dub Phizix – Happy 5
04. Dub Phizix and Skittles – I’m a Creator
05. Reactive – Sabotage

Various Artists – Mise En Place pt.2

  The 2nd edition of Mise En Place for Ingredients sees the return of Dub Phizix & Skeptical to the label that released their first…