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Optical & BTK – Infection / Let It Go

optical_btk-infection_let_it_goNew stuff oncoming from Optical & BTK on the Dutty Audio Imprint.
As you expect, this 2 tunes are nice neurofunk slammers. Check em out.

Blackout Podcast 49 – Optiv & BTK

blackout_podcastBlackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around. This edition is mixed by Optiv & BTK!

They have done a best of the last 5 years of Optiv & BTK for this episode of the Blackout Podcast!

Optiv & BTK – Dutty Audio Podcast 014


01. Optiv & BTK – Let It Hit Em VIP (RAMLife)
02. BSE & SOM – Unconscious (VIP)(Blackout)
03. Current Value – Phaselock (Critical)
04. DLR & TC1 – The Grip (Dispatch)
05. Beta 2 – The Edge (Metalheadz)
06. Bazil & Payne & SC- Legion (promo)

Dutty Audio Podcast 013

Dutty Audio Podcast 013


01. Fortitude – Turn Bad (Dual Focus aka Dose & DJ Meltdown Remix)(Automate Tech)
02. Borderline – Regulate (Red Light)
03. Signs – Code Talk (Project51)

Dutty Audio Podcast 004 with Optiv & BTK

Tracklist: 1. Gridlok and Prolix – Revange (Project TrendKill) 2. Mefjus & Icicle – Contemporary (Critical Music) 3. Maztek – Dizzy Step (ProgRAM) 4. Mindscape…

Dutty Audio Podcast 003 with Optiv & BTK



Dutty Audio Podcast 03 with Optiv & BTK


01. Phace – Shitstorm (Neosignal)
02. Audio – Mudshark (Virus)
03. Maztek – iMaz (Renegade Hardware)
04. Optiv & BTK – Tapout (Dispatch) 

Dutty Podcast Vol. 001 with Optiv & BTK


Dutty Audio Podcast 01 with Optiv & BTK


01. Maztek – Caph (Dutty Audio)
02. Neve & Bayou – Alligator (Dutty Audio)
03. DLR, Hydro, Mako & Villem – The Formula (Dispatch)
04. Break – Music Is Better (Symmetry)
05. Mindscape & BTK – Road Rage (Eatbrain)
06. Neonlight – Basso Continuo (Lifted)
07. Optiv & CZA – Vital Signs (Renegade Hardware)

VA – Reanimation EP [Renegade Hardware]

reanimation_epRenegade Hardware are proud to present the Reanimation EP, featuring four remixes of previous Hardware standards by some of the hottest names in the game right now. Original tracks by Usual Suspects, Optiv & BTK, Maztek and Future Cut are re-imagined by InsideInfo, Maztek, Optiv & BTK and Verb respectively.

The InsideInfo remix of Usual Suspects’ Killa Bees leads things off, with its recognisable apocalyptic opening and signature vocal sample. As the beat drops in, the world as you know it will stop, replaced by a pulsing, addictive soundscape. InsideInfo adds his usual rolling, headnodding beats, and squelching, claustrophobic basslines. You’ll be surrounded by Killer Bees, and won’t be able to get away.

Three of the best get together on the next two cuts, with Maztek remixing Inception by Optiv and BTK and the British/Brazilian combo returning the favour on the Italian’s Limber. On the former, things get dark and deadly early on, with a sci-fi feel mixed with classic RH vibes.

BTK – live set @ Break-Fast / Promo Mix Virus 15 Years

btk_live_mix2 hours set recorded live @ Break-Fast, Vera Groningen – NL 09.09.


01. Ed Rush & Optical – The Host (Virus)
02. The Upbeats – Big Skeleton (Optiv & BTK Remix)(Non Vogue)
03. Old dubplate that I’ve got from Optiv (ntbr)
04. Sonic & Silver – Rocket Launcher VIP (Virus)

BTK & Stapleton MC @ Nautilus Club – Dezibel#23


BTK & Stapleton MC @ Dezibel#23 Lucern – CH.


01. more beat & rido ft john vojtovitch – machine desire
02. spor – some other funk
03. optiv ft rymetyme – run it red
04. noisia – block control vip