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Drum and Bass News

Bad Company UK – Nomad


Another new one from Bad Company, sounds like everyone from the crew supported a few bits. Cinematic smashing dancefloor vibes at its best.

Noisia Radio S02E44

noisia_radio_s02e44Your weekly dose of beats and bass, selected by Noisia for Noisia Radio.

Homemade Weapons – Samurai Music Official Podcast 32

homemade_weapons-samurai_music_podcastWith his debut LP ‘Negative Space’ set to drop on Samurai Music before the end of the year, Homemade Weapons gives us an exclusive preview with several LP tracks debuted for the first time anywhere in this potent mix.

Noisia Radio S02E42

noisia_radio-s02e42This week in Noisia Radio; a lot of exclusive tracks, some throwbacks and your weekly dose of beats and bass.
Watch the new official music video for Mantra here:

NickBee – The Gears EP

nickbee-the_gears_epIt is said that in the deepest layers of the subterranea, biology has no place… the complex mechanisms of old evolved relentlessly in ever-spiraling complexity, drawing their energy from the eternal thermal vents of the Worldcore. Mechanical beings woven within a delicate web of survival, spun into life from the sprawling hierarchical mechanism of the planet itself. In the dimly lit depths of one such level, subtle core alignment shifts spark their reaction, vents rerouting the intense heat through systems long untouched, spreading its energy across ancient precipitation tanks.

Noisia Radio S02E41

noisia_radio-s02e41This week in Noisia Radio; new music from their  own imprints, lots of exclusives and your weekly dose of beats and bass.

Rido – Rhythm Of Life LP


Blackout continue their global search for the next “everyman” DnB producer and, by jove, in Rido they’ve found an absolute gem. Friction has picked up on “Fade Away”, battering it on his BBC Radio 1 show, and many other DnB luminaries are jumping on the Rido train for good reason.

Noisia Radio S02E37

noisia_radio_s02e37Noisia Radio with new music by Misanthrop, new bits from our Outer Edges album, your weekly dose of beats and bass, and your tweets answered in Question Time.

Disphonia – Energy // Back to the Old School

disponia-energyIts banishment had come centuries in the past, exiled to the vast, barren wasteland of Echo Prime – a shadow of itself, depleted of its power. For years it had roamed those lands, subsisting… barely alive… suspended on the edge of the enforced purgatory of eternity. It gathered what it could from this place – every morsel replenishing its being in the smallest of increments. Now, all these years later it found itself at the edge of the parched earth, the haze of the city in the distance… it felt again the power coursing through it, completing it – pulling up the very earth around it with overwhelming ENERGY. Its time had come again – its return would be

Rawtekk – Reloaded Pt. 1

rawtekk-reloadedWith ‘Reloaded’ Pts. 1 & 2 – Rawtekk have revised, reimagined, redefined and remastered the best of their work to date – taking the timeless ideas of these tracks, evolving them and bringing them firmly into the present sounding fresher than ever.

Rawtekk stand as one of the most diverse and forward-thinking live acts of today, combining the sublime otherworldly vocals of Eisblume with the consistently unique sound design of the production duo.

Slang Banger – Locations EP

slang_banger-locations_epStrictly for the heads, this next EP from Slang Banger presents why this supergroup of veterans are becoming notorious within the dimly lit underground world. Bringing together three heavyweights in old-school production, they have a huge portfolio of experience between them; from Pixelfist and Resonant Evil to Inasin and Afghan Headspin, these guys have already dominated the scene over the past fifteen years. And together, they wreak havoc on Ram’s sister label Program with brand new release ‘Locations’.