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Noisia Radio S02E44

noisia_radio_s02e44Your weekly dose of beats and bass, selected by Noisia for Noisia Radio.


June Miller – Hide & Seek [RAM]
Ivy Lab – Ghee [20/20]
Bl4ck Owlz – Big Sample Theory [EATBRAIN]
Prolix – Danger [SHOGUN]
Distance – Collide [TECTONIC]
Disprove & Tobax – Wildcat [TERMINAL]
Mikal – Beyond [HORIZONS]
Break Ft. Mc Fats – Free Your Mind (Remix) [SYMMETRY]
Skulls – Lotusville [TERRORHYTHM]
Fourward & Mefjus – Everytime [SHOGUN]
Misanthrop – Heavy Load [NEOSIGNAL]
Tsuruda – Punjabi $lang [SOUNDCLOUD]
Monty – Far Side [RED LIGHT]
Neve – Wake Up [THE DREAMERS]
Rockwell – Pulse OSX [SHOGUN]
DLR – Unusual Behaviour (Ft. Signal) [DISPATCH]
Current Value – Steam Machine [OTHERCIDE]
Sam Binga & Chimpo – War Tanker [CRITICAL SYSTEMS]
HumaNature – Eleventh Hour (Zero T Remix) [ATMOMATIX]
Noisia – Banshee [VISION]
Ion Driver – At Dusk [SOUNDCLOUD]
OneMind – Skin Dem [METALHEADZ]
M.Justa – Ritual [AVANT GARDE]
Sofie Letitre – Stranger [DIVISION]

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