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Nitri, Break & Naibu – Horizons Music

HZN065-66 - Sleeve 2Nitri
Horizons Music
Release Date: 17th June 2013
CAT: HZN65 & 66 / Vinyl + Digital
HZN65 A: Nitri – Searching Feat. Jinadu
HZN65 B: Nitri – Searching (Naibu Remix)
HZN66 A: Nitri – Searching (Break Remix)
HZN66 B: Nitri – Musica

Not one, but two releases from the quite amazing Horizons Music. The Brazilian phenomenon Nitri has so much good music around at the moment, and the good people at Horizons have decided to spread the love across their next two releases, Horizons 65 and 66.

The nucleus of both slabs is Searching, featuring Jinadu. The track has been remixed by some big names, and these reimaginings appear across the two releases. The original is perhaps Nitri’s best work yet, with a deep internal structure, and yearning, contemplative melody. Jinadu’s soulful vocals match the production perfectly, as Nitri transports you into his own world, one where heartfelt emotions come to the fore, showing the power of his music to the full.

Marky “great!”
Friction “thx! 4/5”
S.P.Y “wicked tracks, i love the break remix ”

Parisian wonder kid Naibu is the first up to remix the track, as the b-side of 65. His work echoes that of his Brazilian brother, placing his own emphasis on a rattling break and rumbling low end. All of the feeling of the original is maintained, but Naibu’s signature engineering creates a more futuristic, yet deeply spiritual, feel. Horizons 66 opens up with something very special. Drum & bass powerhouse Break has remixed Nitri’s Searching.

Break’s version uses a smooth and soulful intro, before dropping into a serious drumline. Jinadu’s vocals move in and
out of the track, whilst Break uses different stabs and cuts to open up the mix, highlighting strings, percussion and bass in turn. This remix is markedly different from Naibu’s re-work, but maintains Nitri’s vision and the passion of the original.

June Miller “Quality Music!”
Random Movement “the heat!!!!! Love that!”
The release is rounded out with Musica, which in many ways takes us back, back to the essence of drum & bass, back to a time where we were constantly amazed by what producers brought to our lives. Spare and minimal yet full of unimagined life, Musica morphs and moves around your mind and your soul, expounding its concept and mission. The creeping, insistent bassline moves in on you when you least expect it. 

Nitri is an amazingly talented producer and musician, and his releases feel right at home on Horizons. Open your mind, open your heart and open your soul to Horizons and Nitri.

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