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Hard Bass Dealers Podcast 068 – The Sect


In HARD BASS DEALERS Radio Show, June 13th 2013 :
The Sect.

Born and raised with Prodigy and pirate radio stations, Blade & Virtua aka The Sect met in the creatively exploding context that was the early 90s. They inevitably followed the evolution of Jungle to Drum’n Bass, before the major techno breakout inspired by genre-defining producers like Konflikt.

From their first releases in 2003, to the launch of their own label, The Sect Music, in 2012, almost 10 years have passed. 10 Years of prolific activity on a galaxy of major labels, including Offkey, Position Chrome, Freak, Obscene, Subsistenz, Cause 4 Concern Ltd, PRSPCT… but also on less expected imprints like Utopia Music.

In the end, The Sect’s dogma spawned an true cult of fellow Bassheadz !

Exclusive for HARD BASS DEALERS Radio Show, the intro tune is a special never-heard before VIP of Scan The Cosmos.

Once again a show that’s not to be missed!

Follow the cult:
The Sect Music, le site

Thanks to RCV99FM, our host radio station, for supporting us from the start. “Grow your own independence!”
HARD BASS DEALERS radio show airs EVERY THURSDAY at midnight (GMT+1) on RCV99FM. Stream

ARCHIVES available at :

01. The Sect – Scan The Cosmos VIP [?]
02. The Sect – Oxidize (Allied Remix) [Venom Inc]
03. Maldini – Amazon [Cause4Concern]
04. CA2K – Shifter [?]
05. The Sect – Unknown Events [Subsistenz]
06. Current Value – Flip Step [The Sect Music]
07. The Sect – Over The Edge [The Sect Music]
08. The Sect – Glitch [The Sect Music]
09. MachineCode – Red Unit [The Sect Music]
10. Current Value – Particle [?]
11. MachineCode – Earth [Subsistenz]
12. Yabol – Appendicitis (The Sect Remix) [Perkussiv]
13. Current Value – T350 [The Sect Music]
14. The Sect – Recall [The Sect Music]
15. MachineCode & The Sect – Channel 18 [Subsistenz]
16. Current Value – The Arrival [Subsistenz]

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