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egoSelekta! S02E19 Dance Different ft Sinnamix & Tobestar – egoFM


Pennygiles – loves comes running free
Soultec – a need in me
Jamiroquai – too young to die (Rowpieces RMX)
Quadrant, Iris & Kid Hops – solar wind
BCee- our time
Chroma – intermission

Mr Joseph – forgotten emotions
SND – underneath
Freeze – console me
Bayou ft Hysee – deterrence theory
Detail – green rain
Chroma – knock knock
Nu:Logic – day and night
Physics- Soul Catcher
BrokenDrum- Closure
Raw Q- NY State of Mind
Bcee- Make you mine
Danny Redline- Yellow
The Insiders- Screen Burn
DuoScience- Mode of Living
Promenade/Crimson/Nizzo- Stay
Mage- Day after Day
Nu-Direction- Taking Over
Random- So Alive feat Aliya Sachi

join Sinnamix & Tobestar every Friday from 2100 CET, 2000 GMT, 3pm East Coast US, 12 Noon West Coast US… for Selekta! Dance Different Radio

( just hit the green play button to stream the channel.)

Or catch it on FM dial Southern Germany… Munich: 100.8, Augsburg 94.8, Nürnberg 103.6, Würzburg 95.8, Regensburg 107.5…

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