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B.Fuse Some Good Vinyl Stuff #2

b-fuse-oldschool-mixIts a shame having all this Vinyls. So many good music from last 22 years and nobody can listen to it. Time for a change. here some of my favorites in the Mix. Some good old stuff. as he says


1. Sonic Generation – Cosmic Jounay (LGR)
2. Mykra – Chimes (Fokuz)
3. J-Laze – Lakez (LGR)
4. PFM – One & Only (LGR) THX Mike… Epic one
5. Invisible Man – Timezone 1 (GLO)
6. Future Engineers – Voidcom (GLO)
7. Vayager – Apollo (GLO)
8. KMC – System (GLO)
9. Rantoul – Digital Future (LGR) Big Up Ian Rantoul

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