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Posts published in October 2016

Noisia Radio S02E44

noisia_radio_s02e44Your weekly dose of beats and bass, selected by Noisia for Noisia Radio.

Homemade Weapons – Samurai Music Official Podcast 32

homemade_weapons-samurai_music_podcastWith his debut LP ‘Negative Space’ set to drop on Samurai Music before the end of the year, Homemade Weapons gives us an exclusive preview with several LP tracks debuted for the first time anywhere in this potent mix.

Noisia Radio S02E42

noisia_radio-s02e42This week in Noisia Radio; a lot of exclusive tracks, some throwbacks and your weekly dose of beats and bass.
Watch the new official music video for Mantra here:

NickBee – The Gears EP

nickbee-the_gears_epIt is said that in the deepest layers of the subterranea, biology has no place… the complex mechanisms of old evolved relentlessly in ever-spiraling complexity, drawing their energy from the eternal thermal vents of the Worldcore. Mechanical beings woven within a delicate web of survival, spun into life from the sprawling hierarchical mechanism of the planet itself. In the dimly lit depths of one such level, subtle core alignment shifts spark their reaction, vents rerouting the intense heat through systems long untouched, spreading its energy across ancient precipitation tanks.

Noisia Radio S02E41

noisia_radio-s02e41This week in Noisia Radio; new music from their  own imprints, lots of exclusives and your weekly dose of beats and bass.