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Posts published in June 2016

Conduct – Borderlands LP

Conduct-Borderlands_LPKnown collectively as Conduct, Robin Andrews & Chris Edwards began collaborating in 2009, working on a range of creative endeavours from graphic art to composition to cinematography. Between them, Conduct has a rich and diverse musical history, playing live in Extreme-Metal, Be-Bop and Jazz bands while also working in the delicate nuances of digital sound design. This tapestry of experience is reflected in their dynamic, widescreen DJ sets which range from the subsonically deep, through the beautifully soulful to the fearsomely technical.

Hyp 268: Mark System

mark_system-mix-juneNorth London’s Mark System first arrived on the scene in the late ’90s as an MC. His early love for the city’s pirate radio stations led him to experiment with keyboards and microphones, and inevitably on the path to a musical career. As well as MCing for various London clubs and radio stations, System was crafting his own blend of drum and bass. His creations quickly gained approval from prominent figures like Shy FX, and his long standing association with Digital Soundboy has resulted in solo releases on the label, as well as the holding position for first choice on mic duties.

Noisia Radio S02E26 – 1 Year Anniversary

noisia_radio-1_year_s02e026Congrutalations to 1 Year Noisia Radio!

Its always funny to listen, keep the good work up!

For this occasion they will celebrate with an episode filled with favorites from the audience. All three of them will be introducing the tracks, and they tried their best to stay serious. Enjoy!


Alix Perez – Elephant Dreams EP

alix_perez-elephant_dreams_epAlix Depauw is one of electronic music’s most sought after and revered producer/DJ’s of recent times. Since the release of his ground breaking debut album ‘1984’ back in 2009 on Shogun Audio his unique fusion of drum & bass, half-time and electronica has seen his career sky-line, bringing new music through the likes of Exit Records with DJ Rashad and Spinn and with his collaborative Shades project alongside L.A’s EPROM.

Various – Shogun 100 EP 4

shogun_100100 records deep and Shogun come with one of its most prestigious releases to date marking the occasion true to form. Staggered across 4 EP’s over several months alongside UKEuropean-Australia/NZ tour, Shogun 100 celebrates with an inspired range of new music from the entire label roster as well as guest appearances from Shogun associates who have released, performed and partied alongside them over the last 11 years.

Phil Tangent – Drawing You EP

phil_tangent-drawing_you_epAfter the massive Bedouin EP’, Phil Tangent is back with four more stunning tracks that take you to the seventh heaven. Introducing the Drawing You’ EP marking Integral catalogue number 033, a journey into the future sound of soulful drum & bass.

Ink & Gremlinz – The Light

ink_gremlinz-the_light_tempo_recordsTempo Records is proud to release three brand new tracks by Ink & Gremlinz. Sinister & Raw Drum & Bass.

This release comes as a limited 140g clear vinyl pressing with full artwork sleeve + white glossy inner sleeve, including a mp3 download voucher + a free poster/inlay and all tracks mastered by Stuart Hawkes of Metropolis Mastering London. When buying this from you get a free Tempo logo sticker (untill stock lasts).

MachineCode – Mechtropolis Album Sampler

machinecode-mechtropolis_lp_sampler4 billion years in the depths of time – the crust surface of Planet 9 stirs under relentless electrical activity. Abiogenesis erupts life into static complex carbon constructs – planetary scale synthesis of primary life setting the chain running towards the exponential intelligence gradient. Biological mutations set the fires of consciousness burning as the universe reflects upon itself, identifying its own deficiencies in self-perception and adapting.

Phace – So Excited / Lit Up

00_SOEXCITED-LIT_UP_COVER_2500px (1)After a flurry of hugely successful guest releases on other labels over the past 12 months the Neosignal boss man returns to home turf with a single set to keep summer ravers performing double handed fist pumps high into the sky at festivals and club dance floors across the globe.

Philth – 15 Years of Dispatch Recordings Mix

15_years_of_dispatchLondon based Philth delivers a mammoth 15 Years of Dispatch mix, ahead of performing at our Redditch tour date next month!

Lining up with a huge lineup featuring Randall, Ant TC1, Survival, Amoss, Denial, MC Fokus & Conrad, he makes the preparations with a 55 track 90 mins mix, pulling from our 15 year back catalogue.

For more Philth music, check out ‘The Circle EP’ (see buy link)and to catch him performing live, head to The Queen’s Head in Redditch next month!

Solid Steel Radio Show – Ivy Lab

solid_steel_radio_show-ivy_labSolid Steel in association with Serato (17th June) Ivy Lab step up in Hour 2 following the release of their Fortuna EP on 20/20 LDN that features the vocal talents of Roses Gabor. Formed by producers Sabre, Stray and Halogenix, Ivy Lab are a North London collective that is part of a nascent movement of bass music refugees cross-pollinating UK sound system culture. We hear tracks from Alix Perez, Richie Brains, Sa Ra, Diemantle, Jon 1st and Max Richter. You can catch them at their launch party at Phonox, London on 20th June. They had this to say about their mix;
“Maybe a touch more energy than what we’re put together for previous Ivy lab studio mixes, and is perhaps closer to what you hear from us in our club sets these days ….but the genre pool is still  quintessentially 20/20 : bass­weight rowdy halftime, loose grooved lo­fi beats scene stuff, and jungle/footwork inspired 160 shit.”

B.Fuse Some Good Vinyl Stuff #2

b-fuse-oldschool-mixIts a shame having all this Vinyls. So many good music from last 22 years and nobody can listen to it. Time for a change. here some of my favorites in the Mix. Some good old stuff. as he says