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Posts published in May 2016

L 33 – Karate LP

l33-karate_lpNight has fallen, the threat of extinction riding on the edge of its transition. Decaying and contorted faces of the undead leer from the shadows, twisted limbs reaching from the darkness towards the eternal signal – driven to crush its subversive broadcast and extinguish the final beacon.

Agressor Bunx – Colony EP

agressor_bunx-colony_epThe return of Program has been eagerly awaited. One of the most defining sister-labels that has cemented a name for itself against its colossal counterpart,

Program’s hiatus has led to the secret expansion of its discography. One that’s about to be unleashed on the masses, after biding its time. And Aggressor Bunx deliver a four-track EP to reinstate both their name and the imprint’s… The producers have withstood the baying competition of new recruits to become a household name in their own right.

Friction – V Recordings Tribute Mix

v-recordingsFrictions first ‘Tribute Mix’, Taken from his Monday night DNB Show. 1-4 am GMT on BBCR1 & 1Xtra. This is something he’ve been wanting to do on his show for a long time. V is one of the labels that helped him to discover this music and is easily one of his favourite ever dance music labels. Hope you like!

Noisia Radio S02E22

noisia_radio_s02e22This week in Noisia Radio; new Agressor Bunx, a Blackout anniversary remix, several beats they can break our neck to and Nymfo asks them an important question in Question Time!

Liquid V Club Sessions Vol 6 Sampler

liquid_v_sampler_vol_6Liquid V’s long standing Club Sessions series is back! And ahead of the release of the album, we’ve got a taster of what’s in store. Bryan Gee is back at the helm, selecting only the finest soul drenched, funk filled D&B rollers, staying true to the original liquid vibes. Get ready!

First up we’ve some names that will be familiar to everyone who follows the label. Need For Mirrors, Paul T & Edward Oberon and Dramatic feat. dbAudio all step up and deliver some Liquid V classics…

Noisia Radio S02E21

noisia_radio_s02e21This week in Noisia Radio; brand new Icicle on Shogun and fresh beats from Ivy Lab. In Question time Martijn talks about his worst gig ever! Enjoy :D



Kit Curse – Echolot / Heavy

kit_curse-echolot_heavyShadowforces are back on track with two atmospheric minimalist steppers from munich’s Kit Curse.

check it out!

Skittles – Mr Song

Buy: SKITTLES is back with a new label a new tune a new haircut ………. but the same weighty bars!

Moleman – Sensory EP

Moleman - Sensory EP ArtworkSubsphere Is quickly becoming the go to label for melodic, liquid drum and bass. Created in 2011, Subsphere records 10th release is set to be one of its most eagerly anticipated yet. With releases from the likes of Feint, Stan SB and Keeno, Subsphere is steadily cementing itself as a household name for drum and bass. Now it’s bringing to the forefront a producer with over 1.5 million views on his YouTube and fans begging for his next release. Subsphere Records presents ‘Moleman – Sensory EP’.

Various Artists – Depth Range EP

depthrange_epTerabyte Records has never been shy to dip into the far flung corners of D&B, and it’s twenty sixth release is no different. With the ‘20/20’ spring having sprung to deadly effect, enter Depth Range: a German four-piece consisting of ReDraft, Reminder, HP.Ritch & Kid Kun. These lads have already been flirting with Ivy Lab’s new imprint, but Terabyte pinned down a fantastic 4-track ‘Depth Range EP’ now ready to be revealed in all its glory.

Rawtekk – Here’s To Them LP

Rawtekk - Heres To ThemFall deep down the rabbit hole with Rawtekk’s ‘Here’s To Them’ LP, a fascinating blend of innovative soundscapes and twisted dance floor compositions. Boasting years of experience in the world of professional sound design, Rawtekk’s latest creation is a sonic masterpiece – a flawless follow-up to their stunning debut release on Med School back in 2013. Opening track, ‘The Hatch’, offers the rawest of introductions as Rawtekk welcome you to their world. A swarm of disorder lets rip in ‘Here’s To Them’, chainsaw synths and head-banging chaos in ‘Harbour’ and tear-out, neuro drum-drillings fill ‘Extinction’. Take a breath with the contrasting tranquility of ‘K.I.A.’, get gripped by the hauntingly delicate, ‘My Love’, and drift away with the wonderland whisperings of ‘Restless’, layered over a rumbling bassline. ‘Here’s To Them’ is spider-web of electronic exploration, delivering a sinister, cinematic experience that is guaranteed to inspire the darker side of the imagination.