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Posts published in June 2015

ICICLE – Studio Guide

icicle_studio_headerAs a producer, Icicle’s technicality is kind of unparalleled. Poised and measured he’s impeccably frequencially balanced and ever so meticulous. In short, his attention to detail is impressive to say the very least. It’s a style of proficiency that the Dutch producer has demonstrated consistently throughout his discography of critically acclaimed material (which includes two phenomenal artist albums, Under The Ice and Entropy, which were both released on Shogun Audio).

Mefjus & Rido – Optimum Trajectory EP

mefjus_ridoCombining the hard-edge dancefloor sensibilities of Mejus’s rugged bassline science and breakbeat programming with Rido’s cinematic musicality and ear for melodic and harmonic ideas, the Optimum Trajectory EP is an almost game changing event for Blackout. Using clipped, powerful, cybertronic drums, to power the tunes forward along with neuro reese basslines that topple a skyscraper, Mefjus and Rido have created a cogent four player that will – hyperbole aside –literally melt your entire head.

Critical Podcast Vol.38 – Hosted By Posij

critical_podcast_posijAfter a small break the Critical podcast returns! Fresh from releasing his Critical:Binary EP, @Posij steps up this month to deliver a hefty podcast. 45mins of pure dance floor killers. Enjoy!