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Posts published in June 2013

VA – Reanimation EP [Renegade Hardware]

reanimation_epRenegade Hardware are proud to present the Reanimation EP, featuring four remixes of previous Hardware standards by some of the hottest names in the game right now. Original tracks by Usual Suspects, Optiv & BTK, Maztek and Future Cut are re-imagined by InsideInfo, Maztek, Optiv & BTK and Verb respectively.

The InsideInfo remix of Usual Suspects’ Killa Bees leads things off, with its recognisable apocalyptic opening and signature vocal sample. As the beat drops in, the world as you know it will stop, replaced by a pulsing, addictive soundscape. InsideInfo adds his usual rolling, headnodding beats, and squelching, claustrophobic basslines. You’ll be surrounded by Killer Bees, and won’t be able to get away.

Three of the best get together on the next two cuts, with Maztek remixing Inception by Optiv and BTK and the British/Brazilian combo returning the favour on the Italian’s Limber. On the former, things get dark and deadly early on, with a sci-fi feel mixed with classic RH vibes.

Congo Natty – Jungle Revolution



The Congo Natty album ‘Jungle Revolution’ is released July 1 2013 on Big Dada.


Congo Natty is one man, a family, a movement. Mikail Tafari aka Rebel MC stands at the core, but as Jungle Revolution shows, he’s the lens that brings the whole into focus.

Ten tracks long, “Jungle Revolution” clearly lays out the way in which Tafari sees Jungle as a re-boot of roots reggae for a new century. Full of blood and fire, the sternum-buzz of sub-bass, rapid fire drum breaks, sweet hooks, righteous anger and professions of love, it’s the kind of passionate, committed, raw and spiritual, beautiful record that doesn’t come along that often. “The message of reggae is Ras Tafari and Ras Tafari is love,” he explains. “They sang about love but they was also prophesying and talking about the system, talking about things that were going on in the world. I saw Jungle as being that same music, where we were going to spread a message.” 


Applied Sciences Division Dont forget July 8th Release of A)Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptical RMX) Z)Loxy & Skeptical – Cylon Theme Distributed BY ST…

Artificial Intelligence – Dillirious / What You Had (Ft Steo)



[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]Artificial Intelligence             | Dillirious
[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]Artificial Intelligence            | What You Had (Ft Steo)
Release Date                 | 24/06/2013

META009 Signals the long overdue return of A.I to Metalheadz with the release of “Dillirious” & “What you Had” featuring Steo on Vocals.

“Dillirious” gives an insight into the darker side of Artificial Intelligence’s repertoire with a twisting journey through sonic textures, pitchshifting pads, amens, heavyweight drums and fx all culminating in a low frequency teardown of epic proportion.

“Dillirious” is a clear platinum slab of greatness featuring the perfect measure of all of those essential and integral elements required to smash dancefloors into lots of tiny pieces, this is definitely one for the speaker stack soldiers and main floor marauders – eyes front, head down, early morning stomping time for the true headz.    

Genotype – Lessons In Depth, EP (Samurai Music)

Genotype-Lessons-In-DepthPart 1:
A. ‘The Day After The Night’
B1. ‘Jam That Feel’
B2. ‘Financial War: The Red Storm’

Part 2:
A1. ‘One Rain’
A2. ‘Creative Elements’
B1. ‘Monday Madness’
B2. ‘Uppercutz’

We mentioned not too long ago that Samurai and its associated labels do get a lot of love here on EDJ. Rather than simply being a mouthpiece for Presha and his ever expanding musical empire though, Samurai’s relentless release schedule coupled with the consistently high quality of said releases means that more often than not they will be up there with the best D&B released in that particular week. So, here we are again with another ’12 of the week’ accolade, this time for Genotype’s Lessons In Depth EP.

Ant TC1 – Fabric promo mix (Studio mix) – May 2012

As Ant not splashed out on unlimited space on Soundcloud he thought he’d get some of the older mixes back up here.

This was recorded at BBA studios in Melbourne, Australia – all Vinyl / CD’s. Thanks to Ben and Dan!

01. Show Me — Octane, DLR & EBK — (Method in the Madness Album) Dispatch Recordings
02. Fluctuate — Skeptical & MC Fokus — Dispatch Recordings
03. Feel it — Survival & Silent Witness — Dispatch Recordings
04. Mode Destruction (Xtrah rmx) — Ant TC1 — Dispatch Recordings
// Mistical Dub — Mistical — Soul:R //

egoSelekta! dance different radio.S02E25 21.06.2013 SiNNAMiX & TOBESTAR egoFM

egoselektaJoin Sinnamix & Tobestar every Friday from 2100 CET, 2000 GMT, 3pm East Coast US, 12 Noon West Coast US… for Selekta! Dance Different Radio

( just hit the green play button to stream the channel.)

Or catch it on FM dial Southern Germany… Munich: 100.8, Augsburg 94.8, Nürnberg 103.6, Würzburg 95.8, Regensburg 107.5…

TiKi – aways on my mind (Zero T RMX)
Malaky & Identified – children of the sky
Need 4 Mirrors ft Edward Oberon – reset
Fade – voices

Technimatic – Shogun Audio Podcast June 2013

shogun_audio_podcast_technimaticVolume 40 of the Shogun Audio podcast, hosted by SGN:LTD’s Technimatic. Download for free!

Technimatic – Frozen Leaves
Alix Perez ft. Diablo – Playing Games
Spectrasoul – Memento (dBridge Remix)
Technimatic – Sphere
High Contrast – Global Love (Calibre Remix)
Rockwell – Detroit
Dose – Simultaneous
LSB – I’m Not Alone
Velocity – Hide & Seek
Technimatic – Intersection

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M:Pathy – The Grind / Meditate

Just months after his debut release, Midlands-based Origins resident M : Pathy is back with another pair of minimal rockets, ‘The Grind / Meditate’. If…

OUT013 – DLR – Dispatch Recordings History Sessions – Outlook Festival 2013 Mix

dlr_history_session_outlook_festivalDLR – In all honesty i was never a huge Dispatch fan boy, not the best way to start I know, but bare with me. Perhaps it was because at the time I was feeling a harder style of dnb and music in general, and for whatever reason didn’t pick up on the undeniably infectious vibes and style of the Dispatch releases at the time. This meant delving back into the history of the label to really discover what it was, and still is all about was challenging, interesting and helped rekindle my love for a scene which is without doubt one of the most special, creative and forward thinking scenes and genres in the World! Starting at the beginning with the early releases that were actually featured on Metalheadz at the time, and titled Dispatch 1-3, written and produced by the founders of the label Hidden Agenda, instantly you are thrown into a world of texture, musicality, creativity and generally amazing written, forward thinking dnb. This instantly got my memories flowing and the fire was blazing hard, in my room, on my own, with me, myself and, well me for company and about 60-70 flawless Dispatch Recordings tracks.

That was it, the day was prearranged by the instant vibes that I felt as I began to put these tracks together. You know when things are good, when you are pretty much working in chronological order, but things fit and the energy is flowing, I got in the zone and started slamming these mixes together and all of a sudden was on a journey through the labels back catalogue, 7 hours later, and I had what was the original version of the mix! Needless to say i had the last laugh!…

Rawtekk – Sprouted and Formed LP

rawtekk_sprouted_and_formedRELEASE DATE: 8th July 2013

“Sprouted and Formed” is the inaugural album from enthralling electronic duo Rawtekk. Hailing from Hamburg in Germany, Rawtekk initially caught the attention of Med School with the sublime “Snowflakes” which features on the 2011 edition of the label’s popular “New Blood” compilation series.

Rawtekk will also be a familiar name to discerning fans of techy/neuro drum & bass, having released on labels such as Subtitles and Noisia’s Division Recordings. Past collaborations include tracks with fellow Hamburg resident and close friend Phace (Neosignal).

Fast forward to 2013 and Stefan and Christine return to Med School with their first ever full-length long-player which effortlessly combines precision engineering with elegant song-writing sensibilities.

Opener “A Magnanimous Kind’s Will” is a beautiful, dreamy utterance with a distinctive take on dubstep, whilst elsewhere we have eerie, melancholy tracks such as “Anywhere” juxtaposed with introspective drum & bass cuts like “Photone Recruits” and the spaced-out beatless melodies of “Ventricle”.